Professional Carpet Cleaning
of 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 hallway
for the price of £89.

carpet cleaning londonProfessional carpet cleaning protects indoor air quality and boasts the aesthetics of every room. If you want to learn more about the benefits of booking such a high-quality cleaning service, our responsive call centre agents will further assist you with pleasure. You can make appointments with us in Balham and the nearby areas.

How do you know that we are the reliable cleaning company you need? Local Carpet Cleaning London specialise in carpet cleaning for a couple of years already and our vetted cleaners have encountered and solved a variety of cleaning issues. Today, they are working by the method of hot water extraction, which is considered to be the most efficient carpet cleaning solution.

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    Minimum call out charge for Carpet Cleaning £55


    • Should I be worried about your methods?
    • Absolutely not! We use moder techniques and methods when cleaning anything, including carpets. Our machines are gentle to the fabrics of any carpet, but still rough enough on stains and dirt. We use nature-friendly cleaning products and the condition of your carpeting will not be damaged at all! The colors will be brightened and the carpet itself – softer than before!
    • Can you clean the carpet in my shop?
    • Yes! We offer our services for carpets in houses, flats, commercial properties, hotels, restaurants – basically any type of property that involves carpets as part of the interior. You can safely use our carpet cleaning services in your office or commercial property and we will be glad to deliver the best results to you!
    • How long does the whole cleaning procedure take?
    • The carpet cleaning service we provide, usually takes a few hours. We have the right tools and products, and we are prepared to stay as long as needed, to make sure your carpet is perfectly cleaned and refreshed!
    • Are your professionals really that professional?
    • The teams of cleaning experts are absolutely professional in all terms of the word! They are polite and ready to comply with your recommendations! They know how to approach different cleaning problems and make sure your carpets are perfectly clean before they leave! They are highly motivated to exceed your expectations!

    Reliability and flexibility for 100 per cent customer satisfaction

    We know from our own experience that every carpet cleaning job has its peculiarities and requires a different cleaning approach. With us customers have peace of mind their carpets will be cleaned in an efficient manner up to the smallest detail. Our technicians are supplied with specialised cleaning equipment and have excellent practical skills.

    Our company has satisfied customers all over Balham. We believe that people need much more than a standard carpet cleaning and therefore deliver them a service of great value. Should you have any additional questions, feel free to give us a call.

    “I had my carpet cleaned by one of your technicians right before the holidays and even though I need to book the service again, I was really pleased by the results. Your professional eliminated every stain from the carpet and completely removed the carpet’s stench. Thank you a lot”

    “I was about to move out and since the carpet was here when I moved in I wanted to give it a good cleaning before moving out. I had it cleaned by one of your representatives and you did an outstanding job. Thanks to your help, the carpet looks as good as new”

    “What your technician did with my carpet completely blew my mind off. Your professional made my carpet look like new – not only did he eliminate every stain from it , but also completely deodorised the carpet. And the best part was that your service was really affordable. I will book your cleaning services again”

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    With plenty of open spaces, Balham is a great place for long walks and enjoying the wonderful sights of nature. Clapham Common is to the north and to the west you can find the Wandsworth Common.

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