barking and dagenham mapOur company is the leading provider in Enfield of professional cleaning services. We have been around this area for a considerable amount of years already and we can come to the rescue any time you need us. We are operating seven days of the week.

We are available even during weekends and on bank holidays. For the peace of your mind, we do not overcharge for these appointments.

Get in touch with us today and experience what it feels like to have an ideally sanitised and disinfected carpets.


  • Can you apply something on my carpet to prevent the fiber from fraying?
  • Yes. Our professional cleaning company uses the so-called SCOTCHGUAR Protector, which is applied on the carpet once the cleaning procedure is over and it is only applied upon the Customer’s request. However, please bear in mind that applying our SCOTCHGUAR Protector is not included in our general carpet cleaning service and for this reason you will have to pay a small additional fee.
  • What cleaning methods do you use?
  • After numerous researches in the field, we have come to the conclusion that the deep steam cleaning method is best for carpets, rugs, as well as upholstered furniture. That is why our cleaning company works with an ultramodern deep steam cleaning machine. In addition to the deep steam cleaning method, our company uses powerful vacuum cleaners and all of our technicians are trained to treat stubborn stains and discolorations. In addition, we use a deodorising machine which guarantees 100 percent deodorisation.
  • What cleaning products do you use?
  • Our professional cleaning company values the Customer’s carpet as much as we value the planet. That is the reason why we do everything we can to protect them both. Our cleaning company works with environmentally friendly cleaning products only. We guarantee that our cleaning products are safe for use near children and domestic pets, and they will not trigger allergic reactions, too.

With our company, miracles do exist

We have trained our cleaners to treat various stains and forms of grime. We invested in cutting-edge technologies and high-end cleaning products and materials. We can give your old carpets a new wonderful look. We take pride in being top rated cleaning company in Enfield and we already have a vast community of satisfied and happy customers.

Do not procrastinate any more and provide your carpets with the look they deserve. We can extract all impurities, kill all bacteria and dust mites, eliminate all bad smells. Please, make sure to give Local Carpet Cleaning London and our professional carpet cleaning services a try.

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